Story Telling Time. Once upon a time..

Hey fellas,

No spoiler alerts this time. Just another fictional story I would love to share about with you guys. There’s a lesson to learn from the story. No spoilers. 😉

I think I was about 12 or 13 I can’t really recall it, when my dad told me a story about a man who lived with his wife and infant son in the countryside. For the sake of the story, I’ll name the man Jim. He’s fictional, so don’t worry. Any Jim whose reading this blog, rest assure, its not you. *grin*


Image of countryside shelter taken from

Back to the story,

Jim and his family were very happy although they do not have much in life. Imagine your typical country lifestyle where there were no electricity and tap water (Yes, you should be very grateful for that). But, they have everything that life has to offer. To feed his family, Jim worked as a farmer, fisherman and a hunter at the same time. He was a really hardworking man. The wife would stay at home and restock their water supply from a river not far from their home. In the morning, Jim would stay at his farm to work on his plants and vegetables. During noon, he would explore the forest and hunt rabbits and deer or wild boar if luck was on his side. When the weather is good, he would go to the sea to fish. He returns home in the evening usually with foods for his family. As he enters through the door, his wife would greet him and say, ‘Thank you for your hard work today’. Days were serene, and night time were silence. It was peaceful. They were getting by and they were happy.


Image of a man fishing with nets taken from

Not very far from them, lives a very wealthy family whom just moved in from the big city (ironic right?rich people?at the countryside?). Well, in the country where I live, some countryside peeps are rich. Let’s continue with the story. They were very rich, and they have maids who work for them day and night. They have people who prepared them tea in the morning, and stand behind the door while they (rich family) were having breakfast. *typical I know*. They were happy too, living in the countryside far away from civilization and enjoy the cool fresh air while making butt-loads of money with the business they owned. Again for the sake of the story lets name the rich family guy, James.

One day, Jim was on his way to the beach and reach his small, yet sturdy fishing boat when he saw James and his family were having fun at the beach. Jim took a glance at James wife and she was a fairly young woman roughly around her 30s. While James looked like in his 50s. They have 2 daughters. Some maids and butler were there again to give them some kind of service. Lavish lifestyle. Then Jim started to think, “would I be able to have what they have. I would give everything to have his (James) life”, Jim said to himself. That night when he returned home, Jim were delightfully welcomed by his wife like he usually would have. And he didn’t say anything. Having lost in his deep thoughts. He couldn’t sleep thinking of a way how to obtain the wealth that James have.

Jim was fairly a smart man, so like everyone else he start doing his own thinking. While he was farming, while he was hunting and while he was fishing he think and think. Finally, he built up his courage and meet with James. James politely asked Jim the reason why he came. Jim then asked James about all of the questions that he had in order for him to prosper like James did.  James replied to all of Jim’s question and explained his answer so Jim would understand everything he said.

Jim replied shockingly,

“That simple?You would provide service to the others and they pay you money for that?And the best part is that you do not need to do it you yourself?”.

Smiling to himself, Jim had hope. And he started to follow James’ advice from A to Z and Jim is a very diligent man. Thinking and motivate himself that at the end of the road, he will be able to give the best of life to his family. He worked on his plan days and nights, and he act on it. Never resting. No night sleep. Just working. Relentlessly. His wife got worried about him and tried to tell him that he need to get some rest. But he ignored it, thinking that he will soon achieve his goal. Thinking the faster that he gets the result, the earlier he could achieve his dream.

While he was working on his plan and business, he forgets that he need to farm, hunt and fish for his family. He forgets his real purpose in life. He forgets his responsibility in search for the bigger happy ending. Not long after that, the weather took a bad turn and they were not able to stock enough food for the flood season. His crop was dying. There were no wild boars to hunt and the sea was rough. James and his family moved back to town, waiting out for the flood season to end. As for Jim and his family, things does not look good. For months they tried to ration whats left of their food stock. His young infant, was the first to die due to extreme food and malnutrition insufficiency. Soon after his son, his wife got ill being sadly driven by her son’s death. And soon died as the result of the shock. Just one simple and honest mistake, thinking that he could provide a better life for his family and ignoring his supposed responsibility. Now having lost both of his loved ones. Jim, having his spirit crushed and lost all of his reason to live, committed suicide himself.

Image of despair taken from pixabay 2017



“Most of our problems in life are because of two reasons: We act without thinking, or we kept on thinking without action”





Wow that escalated rather quickly doesn’t it?lol. Well don’t worry it din”t really happen, it was fictional. My dad would tell me a lot of stories about Jim being a human who made mistakes (always with him ended up dead. lol), and to learn from his stories. I would never took life very lightly or else it will happen to me too! What was the lesson though?Do not take risk? Be grateful that our life isn’t as bad as we think it is? All I can tell you is this,

Jim would have saved his family from famine and hunger if he would just continue with what he was doing all along, while working for his business plan whenever he is at home at night time (basically if he has extra time).

Never look away from your real responsibility and purpose. It is possible to raise your standard of living but you need to do it smartly. Jim thinks that, the faster he work on his plan, perfected it and take action ,the faster that he do not need to feed his family by farming. This is where instant gratification kicks in, he wants quick result. What is even more sad is that, Instant Gratification happened all around you. Some that you aware of, some that you do not. (I’m not asking you to hold your needs to urinate! Don’t do that, it isn’t healthy).  Ironically even myself still find myself doing something impatiently and that is bad, and I’m going to fix it. We all need it fixed. Nothing good comes out from hurrying. Patience and persistence are the real game. You see, there are no overnight success stories, its the reality. We all know that before the “overnight success”, there have to be a price to pay (call me old fashioned if you will but I believe, something needed to be given first, before you take). Sacrifices needed to be made, usually its your entertainment that needed to go first. The bad habits that you have. How do you expect to become the best, if you are not giving it your very best. There is no success without tonnes of hard work and little sacrifices. (Do not kill someone for it, that is very bad).

Well, if Jim’s timing were spot-on they would have made it before the bad season came by. And got rich by the end of the story. But that was not the point, point is we can never know when the economic’s bubble burst would occurred. We don’t, and no one can 100% prove that. Even the experts will tell you this, “I might be wrong”. The kicker is, it will. The economy and market will crash. And its always the best move to be prepared. Poor or rich, everyone will be affected.

We often hear how successful people earn their living today. Trust me, it is not overnight success. And I’m sure I’m not writing this long story here to tell you that entrepreneurship is easy. Its not. Trust me. If you are not willing to sacrifice a little bit of everything, not do the hard work yourself, and do not open your heart to criticism, trust me I am not jinxing you but you will have rougher days ahead of you. There’s a reason why they say “you have to earn your way to financial freedom“. It is never an overnight success story if all you do is sit quietly and never took any massive actions. And if you do take action, do it wisely. Do not sacrifice what is important in your life (I believe you know what it is), and earn your true freedom.

Signing out,



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