Things that has been happening thus so far around us. *spoiler inside*

Hey all to fellow readers and bloggers,

I was watching Walking Dead season 7 Episode 1 the other day (I know, Kinda late) and I was thinking, Glenn’s and Abraham’s death sparked a lot of controversial issues as his death, as I quote from the writer “unexpected as well, but essential for story growth”. Lol. And I’m sure that Glenn would agree with that as well as he said “I’ll find you” romantically to his wife Maggie as Negan (Supervillain that carries bat and named it Lucille) bashed his head like it suppose to spill out some candies. It was as if he knew his death was not optional in order for Maggie to grow stronger in the f**ked up zombie world they’re living in. Sorry Spoiler inside for the fellas who have not watched it yet. 

But more on to that, It got me thinking when I saw some fan reactions saying he was not suppose to die. Are the fans suppose to be the director now?lol. Well long story short, Why do we care so much about some fictional characters in some serious “just got back into dark age again settings” series. Well yeah I know, Its guilty pleasure. Not trying to say anything bad here since I’m one of the biggest fan of the series myself. Can’t wait to see Rick slash some Negan throats. Right?lol. Gory?yeah. 

For myself though, I firmly believe anything that is created up till today and also in the future do good in our life. Old things, new things, new trends, dying trends, throwback, old meets new and more. From entertainment to gardening. From booking game tickets to working 9-5 jobs. A-Z list of items in past, present and future and I mean it, EVERY single thing out there, is good. Even the bad ones (experience and things). Except for the ones that will kill you. (There are, and you need to know what are those for eg: brain parasites and etc). But like I said, its all good. It is what we called life. Good and bad shape your growth. 

If there is one thing that I learnt by watching my favorite series (walking dead) is that it taught me, people tend to show their true colors when they are pushed to the limit. And how they react to things that is happening around them. Talking about things that is happening around us, Internet Marketing is going on a craze since last year (or maybe even longer)! I could only assume that this was the result of getting a job is tougher than completing your degree. lol. I’m not kidding, It is happening. To me and my brother, and many other out there.

The reason why I barely had time to write new contents is that I have been looking around internet and out there for information, and believe me some for free. (and some you need to pay for hefty prices). In regardless, Its becoming a thing nowadays. With faster internet speed and smartphones, making money online and Internet marketing becoming even more saturated (Jack Ma wasn’t kidding). While I’m here talking about it people are out there making a living! And its real. And do able for the real action takers. Me myself am trying it out and making some small progress each day. The coolest part is, I’m learning something new! Almost everyday. I guess life is not complete without learning. *no jokes*. If you really want to make it out there, I suggest you pick a book and read. Or if you are lazy like I do sometimes, just google some articles out. You would be surprise about where the knowledge will take you. Not going to spew some hardcore knowledge like SEO (good read if you are into SEO, for legal reasons, I do not take any credit for the article) or Email Marketing (my personal Email marketing genius role model, again I am not making any affiliate offer) here so rest assure, don’t get your pen for tips. kidding. lol. You should. Thank me later for checking it out. It will be worth your time.

During the journey of looking for the best place to start as a total newbie, and believe me, there are tonnes of real opportunities aside from your typical facebook peeps who post promotional ads like “make money easy programs” or my favorite so far “make money fast with proven system!”. Look, I have nothing against those people who would are generous enough to outsource the tedious work to other people and give them a little bit of commission while at it but at the very least teach them some proper understanding of internet marketing or as they say “make money online”. Believe me, filling up surveys, is over saturated. And its real. The problem is, it came from outsourcing (you read that correctly, there is such thing). SO learn more, making money over the internet is a real opportunity. Everything good, has its own bad side as well. It is not passive (it can be if you work hard enough in my opinion), its pure hard work (if you are lazy, this is not for you), learning curve is very steep due to saturated information (and this can be bad if you load them all at once!) and finally, some information out there can be misleading.

But don’t take it from me, just go out there and try. Many individuals out there are more than willing enough to give you a helping hand and answer your every questions. I personally followed Gary Vaynerchuck, Alex Becker, Anik Singal, Vladi and many more (It will be a long list of names so I won’t do it here). I am very sure some of you who read this blog (or whatever) are familiar with the names. And none of them related to each other (Different business models). Like I said, we are on the journey. Me and brother do not have the *looking for the shining object* sickness, but we are looking at the best of the best people who are out there making some serious entrepreneurship or e-preneurship™ to learn from. I believe anyone out there should too. We are living in an era of which trades are made from the internet, and sooner than we realize the whole world will be purely driven by it. Quoting from my favorite Business Authority figure Anthony Robbins, “Money is where preparation meets opportunity”.

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