MONEY & TIME. Traditional Education anyone? THE UGLY TRUTH

Hello to all fellow readers.

TIME CHANGES. And as the title say, its both blessing and a curse. Let me tell you why. Not too long ago, our traditional education was of the highest value. I’d say it still is, but our current economy say its not. Look around, political organization restructure, new deals in AND between countries, commodities prices went up and down as if it was a roller coaster and many more and all of these, happens for a reason, changes in the market and economy. And its always going to be changing. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Which company will be the next in line of, microsoft? Facebook?Instagram? With our media and internet propagate that Vine and Twitter shutting down. Are they really shutting down?Is Twitter shutting Vine down?Who knows and its difficult to tell. All I know, It causes impact to the market.

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But what will be the next best invention humans can come up with. No one knows, and probably not much that actually care to what it means. I am not going to waste 8 seconds of your life but hear me out. Anyone, I mean ANYONE. Who stumbled upon my article while searching for the word MONEY. Or UGLY for that matter (I do not want to know why). Jokes aside, thank you for reading. With our current network and media passing around false/true news, whose going to say “it is real this time”. Really?Are we going to just believe the first news that we get? Believe me, this is very important to those who are into online trading. While most of us would say “Of course not..I’m going to do a little bit of research, compare it to other resources, then come up with my own conclusion and present my findings”. Really?No one does that anymore. No one has the “time”. Everybody is busy’in away sticking their nose in jobs and works and careers. This is when all media fallacies and fake news, impact us and fill our brains with irrelevant information. Remember the news on impending doomsday back in 2011/2012? Instilling unneeded fear into the locales while diverting away their eyes from issues and topics that really matter.  For example ; Financial security.  


Question: How do I know if the news on media and social network are of credible                           sources? How do I differentiate it?

Answer:    EDUCATION and The UNDYING will To Learn.



The answer seemed simple, yet, why does almost everyone kept falling into the trap of rat race and worst even bankruptcy. With the drastic (or not for some well equipped fellows out there) changes, reports all around the world have confirmed that our fresh graduates are failing at their job (IF they were to get hired). And why does this happen? In my opinion, one and one reason only. Our education system, especially in Malaysia and most probably multiple education system in different countries, does not expose and equip our students with the reality of working for Companies and also life outside of school. It’s stressful, more than what it was before due to MASSIVE competition with emergence of new schools (business) and our FLUCTUATING economy due to multiples of reason(s). One strike and you’re out my friends. Your job is not as secure as you think it is anymore today. Heck, entrepreneurship is even more unsecured. But hey, at the very least, you control your own destiny and design your life however you want. SUCCESSES AND FAILURES ARE DETERMINED BY THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP THAT IS YOUR LIFE. And you as the captain. Are you well equipped?

But personally, I believed that in the future, not knowing a fraction of how to manage your payday/salary will get you in trouble. Even as we speak right now, everyone keeps on piling their loans, buying items they deemed “necessity”. Stop wasting MONEY & TIME on things that does not provide you growth and profit when you know you are still budgeting your salary for it. STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING. YOU DON’T HAVE ALL THE TIME YOU THINK YOU HAVE. Sacrifice it away. For your own good. Take time to read, learn and work hard on making sure that your money, will last till the day you die. Count again if you think your retirement money is enough to last if you were to live until you are 70 or 80 years old. I don’t think so. Or start a business when you are 50?60 years old?. Again, I don’t think so. If you understand what I just said, watch the video I provided in the link. I take no credit for the video, I’m just here to share with you one of my favorite figure in entrepreneurship. #ASKGARYVEE

Gary Vee Will tell you whats important!

I’d rather struggle, endure the pain, and embrace failure to create my own destiny than to live an easy life, sheltered from ugly truth that could kill me in my sleep. Again, I’m glad you stick it out with me till the end of this article and decide to take action today for yourself and your dreams.

Signing out,



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