Hello from Malaysia for my fellow bloggers and readers worldwide. I am one of the representative of a new founded company named Grateful Kids Fortunate Kids. As the name suggested, the reason why I started this blog post is because that part of me are very grateful to the life that I had for the past 10 years. I do not have good life as per community define it, but I am grateful that it taught me so much. Not to be just strong, but also created a vision and mission for me.

Looking at how the economy has been for the past 5 years, I have been drowned with no employment. The fact is, this problem is not just mine but also a persistent problems for fresh graduates worldwide as we can see in the news and social media networks and its happening as you read this blog. This issue affected mainly the millennial age groups and some are forced to take a job that has nothing to do with their certifications. Money well spent on education I’d say. I was lucky enough to be hired for awhile by an oil/gas company and a construction company back in 2012 and 2016 through having a background in Mechanical Engineering degree. I graduated back in 2014 with flying colors at the University of Sunderland, UK. As you can guess, I was living of well on my father’s salary to have an education outside of my birthplace. But all it took to destroy my opportunity is by local companies to label the potential hires as “we value experienced elites more than new graduates”. They will deny the fact, but reality is the real fact that we need to acknowledge. This is the reason why I say “lucky” because I was fortunate enough to be hired with the degree I have for 3 months. I appreciate the experience because it gave me a little insight of “having a job to make a living” and arrive at my current vision and mission.

Me and a friend of mine who I call  as my own brother, started this company to set out on a journey to help unfortunate kids starting locally and aim to venture globally in this mission.

Good questions already been asked by few of the audience that I had in this journey.

  1. How do I help the kids?
  2. How do I define unfortunate
  3. How feasible is the vision and mission?
  4. Do I have a solid plan yet to execute my mission?
  5. What is the aim? And how would this benefit me and my brother
  6. Does my idea could be accepted and adopted locally and globally?
  7. Am I credible enough to carry out this mission

As you can see, the list of questions goes on and on. These will be the challenges that will be accepted by our new founded company. GKFK, will shelter the vision and mission of its projects and ventures in the future. And as one of the owner of this company, I will uphold its vision and mission.



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